Live Music Schedule

Saturday, July 13 - Carol Parker Schafer


Enjoy the diverse song catalog and great voice of Carol Parker Schafer on the Blue Stage at Special Treats.

Friday, July 19 - Dianna Dennis


Dianna Dennis will perform solo piano compositions and improvisations that bridge the gap between jazz and classical. Prepare to be mesmerized.

Saturday, July 27 - Dackel


Dackel are the duo of Walter and Phil. They played at Special Treats last July and we're glad to have them back again.

Friday, August 2 - Alice Osborn


Alice is a well-known singer-songwriter. She'll grace the Blue Stage at Special Treats, playing songs from her album, "Old Derelicts."

Saturday, August 3 - Michael Daughtry


We saw Michael at the Carrboro Music Festival, and he rocks! His EP "As the Crow Flies" is one of the best recordings on the local scene. Don't miss a chance to see Michael and have chocolate & wine.

Live Music Schedule

Friday, August 16 - Neville's Quarter

Brian and Lex are the duo known as Neville's Quarter.

Brian and Lex are the duo known as Neville's Quarter. You may have seen their Facebook Live show. Popular performers and studio musicians, they really deliver on stage.

Saturday, August 17 - Scott Bouldin


Scott is a singer-songwriter-guitarist. He'll be playing songs from his new album, "Chasing Brightness", which by the way, is available at Special Treats.